wm ingame

Two games stood out with scores that show a difference between the two boards. In F1 2011 we saw a whopping 9 FPS increase while running the Gigabyte board over the Intel. On the other hand there was also a slight difference in Batman that favored the Intel board.

wm passmark

We saw a slightly lower set of scores when it comes to the memory benchmarks in Passmark, but in most cases the difference isn’t enough to show in our graph. In any case, the numbers do favor the Intel board slightly.

wm pcmark7

In PCMark 7 the Z77X-UD3H did considerably better on the Computation set of benchmarks. The rest of the tests show much closer to a wash with most slightly favoring the Intel board.

wm pcmarkvantage

Here we go, finally we see results worth talking about. In PCMark Vantage almost all of the results favor the Z77X-UD3H by a significant amount. Most notable is the PCMark HDD benchmark with the Z77X-UD3H scoring 40291 compared to 34224.


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Our second Z77 review

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