The Z77X-UD3H’s BIOS was very similar to what we recently saw with the Assassin 2. Gigabyte went with their 3D BIOS that features a rendering of your motherboard on its home page. What makes it unique is the ability to mouse over different sections of the board and to be able to click on them to make adjustments. This is such an interesting way of doing things because I think that the type or person who is going to be excited about seeing their board (most likely because they haven’t seen it before), is also not going to know what each area of the board controls. Of course that type of person shouldn’t be mucking around in the BIOS. Even so, you still have all of the normal options along the bottom and once you click in, you have what is basically a normal BIOS with the ability to still use your mouse. 


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Our second Z77 review

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