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With the Intel DZ77GA-70K I really didn’t know what to expect when going in. I know my last few experiences with Intel board have been great. But it’s still always hard to get the old non overclockable boards out of your head. The DZ77GA-70K is an impressive board packed full of features including total of 8 SATA connections. The black PCB along with blue highlights gives the board a stylish look to go along with its great feature set. In addition to that I was really impressed with Intel including both the USB 3.0 front panel extender and the Bluetooth/wireless adapter. It’s accessories like those that both add value and usability. If you don’t believe me, try having your internet go out in the middle of work (something that happened to me in the middle of this article ironically), I was able to open up my phones wifi hotspot and continue working. Something I wouldn’t have normally been able to do on my main PC in the past. 



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Intel's DZ77GA-70K tested with Ivy

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