The cooling on the Assassin 2 is similar to the original Assassin but not exactly the same. This time around rather than use an ammo clip they went with a full gun. This makes the cooling on the Assassin 2 unique yet still functional. Don’t get me wrong this isn’t going to cool as well as the Rampage 4’s active cooling, but considering the board focus on gamers not overclockers this shouldn’t be needed. To help with the cooling Gigabyte has also ran a heatpipe between the heatsinks to even out the heat aiding in cooling. What is interesting about the heatpipe placement is we normally see this pipe ran around the left side of the CPU socket then down and around, Gigabyte took a more direct approach, this shorter distance will help with transferring that heat quicker when needed.

image 11

image 9

image 13

image 14


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Gigabyte Assassin 2 X79 Motherboard

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