I’ve always been a fan of Asus’s software. They manage to pack just about everything into their Suite rather than having to run 15 different programs to get everything going.  As you will see in the video we have provided Asus really went all out when including features in their software. As with previous experiences with their suite I love how they implemented fan control in FAN Xpert, being able to map out the fan ramp up is perfect for someone trying to keep the noise down or if your looking to tune your cooling. Both real time sensor reading and sensor recording in the software is very helpful when trying to pinpoint issues when in game or overclocking. Most impressive of all of their features was the implementation of their Digi+VRM options. You have the ability to adjust every detail of the VRM's power control on the fly. For example you can adjust everything in the following list!

CPU Load-Line Calibration

VCCSA Load-Line Calibration

CPU Current Capability

VCCSA Current Capability

CPU Voltage Frequency

VCCSA Fixed Frequency

VRM Over Temperature Protection

DRAM-AB Current Capability

DRAM-CD Current Capability

DRAM-AB Voltage Frequency

DRAM-CD Voltage Frequency

DRAM-AB Power Phase Control

DRAM-CD Power Phase Control



Here is a video walkthrough of the software, as you can see its pack full of features.

One thing that sets the software apart from Asus’s other motherboards is the ROG theme that they have given it. They also include a full ROG theme for windows if you would like to use it. You can get a good look at it in our video also. The backgrounds rotate between a few different ROG backgrounds. The only part that I didn’t end up liking was the fact the theme chances your mouse pointer. Beyond that it’s nice to show off and support ROG.

Additionally, along with their Software suite Asus included a few 3rd party software including Kaspersky AV (a 1 year subscription not just a trail ) and a full version of Dameon Tools. Kaspersky should help keep your PC running at its best and Dameon Tools will allow you to work without a disc drive, something that is becoming very common. 


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #21496 09 Dec 2011 19:22
A review for you guys to start your weekend with
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Great review on an awesome board!

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