Being their flagship model and being designed for sure high level overclocking the Rampage IV’s cooling is over the top. In this overall shot you can see all four pieces and the three heatpipes that make up all of the Rampages cooling.

Image 20

All around the CPU you can find heatsinks packed into every area they could find.

Image 18

The top two are connected together by a heatpipe. The design on each is really interested because they don’t use anything like a traditional fin design. Each heatsink is black in color and to get the most surface area they use an S shape design both from the top perspective and the side.

Image 29

Image 30

Image 31

The third heatsink ties the power heatsinks to the chipset heatsink on the bottom of the board. This one has a nice Republic of Gamers plate on top. My only complaint here is how close it is to the PCI slot. Once you have a video card in that slot you can’t fit a finger in to reach the lock.

Image 28

The VRM cooler is the most impressive of them all. Its black in design like the others but the inclusion of a small fan is a step above what you would see on other motherboards. This fan does a great job keeping everything cool in testing but makes a noticeable amount of noise. By defalt in the BIOS the PCH fan control is set to disabled, this can be turned on to eliminate the noise if this is an issue for you. This over the top cooling is what makes the Rampage IV what it is though.

Image 19

Image 27


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A review for you guys to start your weekend with
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Great review on an awesome board!

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