Audio testing for us in the past has been about real world performance. Of course that’s just another way of saying subjective. From now on our motherboard audio testing will be using RightMark Audio Analyzer to test the onboard sound card’s performance. Of course being the first time we have used this we don’t have anything else to compare it too. Going back to our subjective testing I found the audio performance of the Pure Platinum to be up to pair with past motherboard we have tested short of the Gigabyte Assassin with its built in Creative sound card. Expect to see the Pure Platinum’s audio performance using the Rightmark Audio Analyzer to be in future reviews if you would like to see a less subjective comparison.


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Wingless92 replied the topic: #18831 25 Aug 2011 00:52
The board seems kind of low end, that's not a bad thing but your not going to build a monster rig with this thing.

Kinda sucks about no UEFI BIOS either

I am starting to come around more on Sapphire products though. They seem to right up there with other manufactures.

Still kinda sad that the new AMD still can't touch Intel though. I would like to see them neck and neck.

Great review though, you two always do a fantastic job with the write ups and the pictures.

Why would they only do 1 PCIE bus though?

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