Having just played in the BIOS when I went to install the drivers and software for the GD80 I couldn’t help but notice the similarity’s in the installer and the ClickBIOS. I spent most of my time in the MSI utility folder installing all of the included utilities but it’s great to see they included a whole selection of software! It’s a little weird that MSI has broken everything up into different utilities; it seems it would be easier to package it in one easy to use program. Let’s take a quick look at easy piece of software.




Live Update 4


A quick and easy way to check for updates to both your current software and your BIOS. If you need an update Live Update will download the installer for you. It’s not going to install it for you but it’s a nice step and very helpful.

Audio Genie



This piece of software mostly runs in your task bar giving you the option to switch between a couple different audio modes. The options are general and extremely limited. Its simple software like this that makes me wish they would pack it all together.

Teaming Genie


Just an on and option to turn on MSI’s Ethernet teaming. Doing that can double the speed of your Ethernet. I don’t see this being very helpful when running full gig, but at 100 I can see this giving a welcomed improvement.

Easy Viewer


This program replaces windows photo viewer for anyone who installs it. It’s great for pulling up a full folder of photos and scrolling through them, but maybe I am getting old but I don’t feel like this is needed. The old way works well for me lol, I am starting to sound like my grandpa.


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