Keeping the board cool both thermally and aesthetically is left too three heatsinks and a heatpipe connecting the two.  When you take it all in from a distance there is no question that this is an MSI motherboard. There cooling is functional but completely different than what we see from every other vender.


Down on the Southbridge MSI had to keep things low profile to be able to fit extra-long video cards above it. This heatsink has small fins cut into it in a grey color then to give it that MSI styling they added a angular blue strip with MSI cut into it. It’s all that is needed to keep things cool and it fits in perfectly with the rest of the motherboard.


Up top around the CPU is where the magic happens and there is no way a low profile heatsink is going to do the job up here. MSI used the same Blue angular design on both of the connected heatsinks but this time around the heatsink fins are much more than just a short millimeter or two. Both of the heatsinks are machined with angles to go with the MSI styling. It almost reminds me of the now aged F1-17 stealth fighter jet with all of the angles. (Bad joke warning!) MSI you’re not getting off our radar that easily!




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