I took two different approaches with overclocking on the P67A-GD80, using the one step OC Genie and then going in myself and manually doing the overclock. Our i5 2500k is a known good overclocker that has seen 5.1+ on air multiple times so I know its fully capable of overclocking well.

Running MSI’s OC Genie is as simple as pushing the button on the motherboard on and then rebooting your pc. With the button on, the motherboard tests and picks the best overclock its confident in. In our case I ran through this amazingly simple process and came out with 4200MHz (42 multi, 100bclock). I was hoping for a little more, I have seen this CPU run 4.6 on the stock cooler. With our Noctua heatsink running there is no doubt that it can do more. BUT, this is a great overclock. Even if it didn’t push the limits of the CPU a Sandy Bridge CPU running at 4.2 is a great improvement for literally no work. For someone who knows nothing about overclocking this is added value and the speed is low enough that even with stock cooling you wouldn’t have any problems.


Jumping back into the ClickBIOS you will remember that MSI gave us everything needed to push our CPU all the way to the bleeding edge. Bumping up to a x50 multiplier crashed us but stepping down to x49 everything booted smoothly and tested fine. Going back in to edge a little more I turned the bclock up but wasn’t able to get past 4950Mhz without having stability issues. In the end the GD80 overclocked great, but it wasn’t able to match what we have seen before with this CPU.



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