Anker 615 USB Power Strip

Anker 615 USB Power Strip Specifications


Black, White


65W Max

Number of USB-C Ports

2 USB-C Ports

Number of USB-A Ports

1 USB-A Ports

AC Outlets


Number of Outputs


Cord Length

3 Foot


4.68 × 2.32 × 1.85 in / 119 × 59 × 47 mm


11.3 oz / 320 g


24 Month


The 615 USB Power Strip has the newer style packaging which has a picture of the power strip in the center on the front but unlike on the 727 charging station, this one does still have the white box design. The box however has the information you need with the model name down at the bottom, a list of the connections, and the picture in the middle that I already mentioned. The Anker logo is up in the top left corner and the GaNPrime branding has a reflective finish and is by far the largest font on the front. Around on the back, they have a picture of the 615 USB Power Strip in use and have a few notes at the bottom about its efficiency, real-time protection, and compact design. The side of the box also has a specification listing which just has the AC input and output information as well as all of the output possibilities for the connections.

image 1

image 2

image 3

Inside the 615 USB Power Strip comes with a user manual for documentation and the adapter itself also comes with a warning tag attached to the cable.

image 4

image 5

The 615 USB Power Strip is specifically designed for travel use and it comes in at 4.68 inches long, 2.32 inches wide, and 1.85 inches tall which is a lot thicker than the 727 but a lot more compact overall. The idea is that rather than packing a normal AC to USB power adapter the 615 USB Power Strip can replace that and give you multiple charging connections as well as have two AC plugs as well. I’m sure I’m not the only one who normally packs at least one sometimes two power strips for my wife and I when we travel. Hotels only get you a few power plugs which is enough if you have just one device to charge but if you are bringing more things like your laptop, phone, tablet, and maybe your drone your power needs start to get complicated. That has gotten a little easier recently with most of those devices charging with USB Type-C so I have been able to sometimes bring just one or two chargers but then you have to juggle what you are charging. The 615 USB Power Strip has an AC plug on the top and one hidden on the bottom as well which means you can plug it in without taking up a plug at all and even gain a plug. Then for the USB, it has the GaNPrime powered adapter built in which gives you two Type-C connections and one Type-A plug. The two Type-C connections can run at up to 65 watts each and the Type-A at 12 watts if you are using just one plug. The middle Type-C connection drops down to 45 watts max if you have two devices hooked up with the other Type-C handling 18 watts and the Type-A can do 12 watts or if you are using all three plugs You get 30 watts for the center C, 20 watts for the bottom C, and 12 watts for the A. That is enough power to charge your laptop and fast charge your phone as well as a third device like your earbuds, a Bluetooth speaker, or your drone. There are going to be laptops that will be limited even with the 65 watts of charging power, the new Macbook Air for example can do up to 140 watts for fast charging but a medium charging rate isn’t bad considering the space savings. The 615 USB Power Strip would replace a power strip, your laptop charger, and two more USB AC adapters.

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A lot of what takes up the space on the 615 USB Power Strip is the included cord which comes wrapped up around it up under the silicon cover on the sides. This design keeps things compact for traveling and lets you bring out just enough cord as you need. The cable when pulled out is 3 feet long and has a right-angled plug at the end.

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