Anker 737 Power Bank

Anker 737 Power Bank (PowerCore III Elite 26K) Specifications

Model Number


Connector Type

USB Type C

Item Dimensions LxWxH

7.22 x 3.24 x 0.94 inches


1.3 Pounds


LG Batteries

Battery Capacity

25,600 mAh

Power Capabilities

60W USB-C port and two USB-A ports (18W shared output)



- MacBook Pro 13.4'' (2020), Dell XPS 13 9380, Microsoft Surface Book 2


- iPad Pro 12.9'' (2020)


- iPhone 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, 13 mini, Samsung S21, Google Pixel 4

Low-Power Devices:

- AirPods, Apple Watch

Recharge Time

2.5 hours

Wall Charger

Anker 515 Wall Charger (65W)


18 Month


The box for the 737 Power Bank is compact and surprisingly heavy. This isn’t one of the GaNPrime models so it has the older bright white box design which has a few line drawings embossed into the outside of the box as well as the blue trim and blue Anker logo up top. The box however doesn’t tell you what you have other than the series 7 logo and there isn’t a picture of what is inside which the new box design does a much better job on both. The back lets you know that this is the PowerCore III Elite 26K 60W with the PowerPort III 65W speed combo and it also goes by the 737 Power Bank name which can get confusing because there is a 737 Power Bank model in the new GaNPrime lineup (which is why I ended up with this now lol, I was asking to check out the newer 737 Power Bank which also goes by PowerCore 24K). The back has more embossed line drawings and beyond the name on the back and the UPC sticker with the model info you don’t get info on the product which is fine for buying online but in a retail store would be hard to get information.

image 31

image 32

Inside the box, you get the PowerCore III Elite 26K as well as the PowerPort III 65W, and alongside them like with older Anker products you get a small baggie with a bundle of documentation. This includes a user manual for the PowerCOre and the PowerPort and then a paper asking if you are happy with your purchase with info on how to contact them or post up a review. The PowerCore and PowerPort both come in soft plastic bags and then you have the bag which is folded up along with the power cord.

image 33

image 34

image 35

With this combo, you get a soft microfiber carrying bag with a drawstring top and the Anker logo printed on the front. You also get a Type-C to Type-C cable to go from the AC adapter to the PowerCore III Elite. That cable, like some of the other Anker/Soundcore products, is extremely short so which is fine for traveling but depending on where you might want to charge this you may need to get a longer cable.

image 36

image 37

With this being a combo you get the PowerCore III Elite and to charge it you get a PowerPort III 65W which is an older none-GaNPrime AC to Type-C adapter. It is bright white and is 68 mm long, 46 mm wide, and 39mm thick. The AC plug flips out from the end. The side has all of the information printed on it in a tan which is slightly hidden on the white. The end has just one plug a Type-C connection with the Power IQ 3 branding.

image 38

image 39

image 40

image 41

image 42

image 43

image 44

image 45

The PowerCore III Elite is the battery pack portion of the combo and being packed with batteries is surprisingly heavy for its size at 1.3 pounds. It is 7.22 inches long and 3.24 inches wide and just under an inch thick at .94 of an inch. The design isn’t small, but its shape does work for fitting in a larger pocket or in a pocket of your laptop bag or backpack.

image 47

image 48

image 49

The design of the PowerCore III Elite has a dark grey glossy finish with a fake brushed-looking finish and then the Anker logo on the middle left. The right side has one aluminum button with small pinholes all around it. The LEDs let you know the battery power level and the button can also be used to put the PowerCore III Elite into trickle charge mode by pressing the button twice. Trickle charge mode outputs a lower power mode optimized for low-power devices like earbuds and other accessories.

image 46

image 50

image 51

The glossy finish on the top of the PowerCore III Elite stops on the sides with a normal grey finish. Both sides and the top have nothing going on at all. All of the plugs are on the front edge. It has two Type-A plugs on the left and one Type-C on the right. The Type-C plug is an output or an input for charging the PowerCore III Elite with the included cable. The Type-C plug can output 60 watts and the two Type-A plugs share 18 watts. The total capacity of the PowerCOre III Elite is 25,600 mAh

image 52

image 53

image 54

image 55

The bottom of the 737 Power Bank has its power output info printed on it along with all of the normal certification logos. Your serial number is also printed here in white in a very small font.

image 56

The bag that comes with the 737 Power Bank, while nice, is only good for the power bank itself. When you pack it and the AC adapter it gets tight as you can see.

image 57


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