I couldn’t very well test the Xperia Z2 and Z3v without running them through our mobile benchmark suite right? I started off by testing both devices in benchmarks focused on game performance. This includes 3DMark as well as two GFXBench tests. I run the GFXBench tests at an offscreen resolution for consistency so for some devices it doesn’t mean you will see the exact same results (like when you have a 1440p screen), that said both the Z2 and the Z3v are running at 1080p so no issues. In both GFXBench tests they came in with the exact same results. Surprisingly in 3DMark though the older Z2 tablet pulled ahead with its dedicated GPU slightly.




Next I ran them through our browser based tests that test browser and Java performance. In Google Octane the Z3v phone pulled a nice lead on the Z2 and also out performed the LG G3. This put it extremely close to the performance of the Nvidia Shield and the new MotoX/Turbo with their faster CPUs. In SunSpider the Z2 performed poorly but in line with devices from last year. The Z3v was right in between the new MotoX and the Droid Turbo putting it up near the top. In Browsermark the Z2 Tablet out performed the Z3v Phone and came in right below the LG G3.




My new favorite mobile benchmark is the recently introduced PCMark mobile benchmark. I love that this gives a more rounded test. It takes into account CPU and GPU performance. With that the Z3v Phone came in second just above the Droid Turbo and below the new MotoX. The Z2 Tablet on the other hand was down at the bottom of the charts below the S4. Both are still impressive numbers, especially when you consider that everything tested is one of if not the best phone from that manufacture.


Last but not least I ran them both through battery testing. Battery testing is always a bit of a pain to do because I need to be awake and around for the results so I can’t just turn it on then go to bed. The day I tested the Z2 and Z3v ended up being a very long night because they went a LOT longer than I had ever expected. The Z3v with its 3200mAh battery stopped first a a little over 7 hours in and the Z2 Tablet with its 6000mAh battery went into the night at 9 and a half hours. Both devices topped the charts, besting extremely great devices in the Turbo and MotoX 2014.



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