Xperia Z2 Tablet Photos and Features

With the Z2 Tablet screen turned off I love how the screen and bezel blend together into a clean and classy looking device. The Z2 Tablet accomplishes this with a glass screen that runs up to the edge. The edge all around the Z2 however is a rubber piece that is just slightly thicker than the glass to help protect the screen on drops and keep it from getting scratched up. The front of the Z2 Tablet really just has two things going on beyond that. There is the Sony logo up in the top left corner and there is the front facing camera in the top middle. For a front facing camera Sony slipped in a standard 2.2MP camera like nearly every other device.

z2 4

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Once I took the Xperia Z2 out of the case that Verizon sent it in, I was completely blown away at just how thin it was. We have a whole stack of tablets and phones in our household and not one of them is thinner than this tablet. That isn’t to say that this is the thinnest tablet you can get, there are a select few that are thinner. The Z2 comes in at 6.4mm and the Apple iPad Air 2 is 6.1 and Dell also has a tablet that is 6mm. Even so, that is thin. To put it in perspective an old CD jewel case is 10.4mm thick. Starting on the bottom of the Z2 we have a standard microphone/headset plug on the bottom left. The only other thing along the bottom is a small charging dock contact patch. Sony makes a magnetic tablet dock that works with both the Z2 and Z3 tablets using this port.

z2 8

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Right along the edge on both the left and right side Sony slipped in these tiny gaps. These are actually front facing speakers, they may not take up much room or are in your face but it is great to see that Sony was able to still do front facing speakers without sacrificing the thin design.

z2 11

The top edge is really where everything is going on. We have a small microphone packed in right next to the built in IR Blaster. I don’t think I can talk enough about how nice it is to have an IR Blaster on your mobile devices, at least when you have the software to support it. Being able to change the channels on any TV in the house with something you might carry around with you is a nice feature. Next we have two sealed doors that you can pull out. One handles the micro USB power/data connection while the other gives us access to the sim card and the Micro SD card slot.

z2 12

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The sides of the Z2 Tablet are basic and to the point. The right side of the tablet has nothing at all going on. The left side has both the power and volume controls. Both controls are machined completely out of aluminum to match the brushed aluminum on all four sides of the Z2 Tablet. 

z2 15

In our photos below the back of the Z2 Tablet has a bit of a leather look to it but it is actually a slightly rubber finish all across the back with a weird pattern from the felt on the inside of the case I had just taken off. The back of the tablet has the Verizon logos in the middle along with a small Xperia logo down at the bottom. Beyond that there was a small NFC logo below the camera to show the NFC sensor location. Then of course there is the rear facing camera. It is a basic 8.1 MP camera that doesn’t even have an LED flash.

z2 16

z2 17

z2 18

When powered on the 10.1" “WUXGA TRILUMINOS” display fired up. The screen runs at a resolution of 1080p and because of that shows the tablets age slightly. A lot of mobile devices are jumping up to higher resolutions. It does look great though, lots of backlighting to make Kingdom Rush still very visible, even in the day with our photo lights on. There is a big bezel around the sides of the screen, about one inch on the sides and ¾ inch on the top and bottom. I guess that is to be expected given how thin the tablet is though.

z2 19

z2 20


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