The packaging for the Xperia Z2 Tablet is about the same size as the tablet itself only thicker. The front of the box is simple with a photo of the tablet as well as the Verizon logo. On the back everything is in Verizon red and beyond all of the required legal stuff down in the bottom left corner all that is on the back is a list of what to expect inside the box. Inside typically you would find a starting guide as well as a book from Verizon but for our sample it has been used a little and that wasn’t included. In fact the tablet was packed into the box with a case that obviously doesn’t ship with it typically. Along with documentation you also get an AC power adapter and a USB charging cord. The Sony adapter looks a little large but they were careful to put the plug horizontally. This means that even though the adapter is wide, it won’t block you from using any other plugs when plugging into a power strip.

z2 22

z2 1

z2 2

z2 3

The Xperia Z3v phone’s box was actually closer to the Z2 tablets box than a standard phone. The box is about twice as wide as most phones. On the cover you have a partial photo of the phone as well as the branding and the Verizon logo. The back of the box actually has more information on the device including a whole bunch of small icons that highlight different features. They also slipped in a package contains listing as well a photos of both the white and black Z3v.

z3v 1

z3v 2

Inside the phone sits in a tray that can be opened up on the right. Under the tray they included all of the standard phone and Verizon documentation. You also get an AC power to USB adapter and a USB charging cord just like the Z2 Tablet. In fact the adapter is the exact same so like the Z2 you won’t have to worry about fitment on power strips.

z3v 3

z3v 4

z3v 5


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