Overall and Final Verdict

When the Moto X came in, I really didn’t think it would be able to live up to what I experienced with the MAXX. The reality of it is they are extremely similar in everything but battery life. So in the end I was extremely happy with its performance. What really sets the Moto X apart from the competition is the customizations that you can do. There really isn’t anything else on the market that allows you to make the phone your own design. Considering how popular custom cases and skins are on popular phones like the iPhone, I think people would really enjoy having the chance to make their own Moto X. Really the only downside to the Moto X is its battery life, especially in comparison to its brother the MAXX. But when you keep that in mind and consider that the Moto X is available for less than $100 on contract, you have a good phone with a little style. 


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #33398 03 Dec 2013 13:48
Back from an extended holiday, we have a review of the Moto X. You have most likely seen the commercials showing off how you can custom build one. Now see what it can do!

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