There isn’t that much to talk about with the Moto X’s packaging really. You get a white box with the Motorola logo on the cover and beyond that there isn’t much else of importance on the rest of the box. This isn’t all that important because you wouldn’t find the Moto X sitting around in its box in a retail setting anyhow.

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Inside let’s take a look at what comes with the phone though. As usual you will get a USB charging cable and an AC to USB adapter. Oddly enough ours were white while the phone itself was black. You will also get a small key to help you open up the SIM card slot on the Moto X. The rest is all of the Moto X’s documentation, consumer information, and getting to know your phone guides.

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garfi3ld replied the topic: #33398 03 Dec 2013 13:48
Back from an extended holiday, we have a review of the Moto X. You have most likely seen the commercials showing off how you can custom build one. Now see what it can do!

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