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The VÜ has to be one of the simplest products I have ever tested externally. All you get is a power cord and an upside down V shape phone holder.  The VÜ is made out of plastic and coated in a grippy rubber finish. There is a small foot sticking out of the main portion of the VÜ that will help keep your phone propped up into place. The shape of the VÜ puts your phone when sitting on it at a 45 degree angle, this isn’t the most ideal angle for using this on your desk but it does help keep your phone flat against the main portion of the VÜ to keep your phone’s wireless changing connection secure. That’s what is interesting about the VÜ, on the outside there isn’t much going on but we know that inside they have packed in the entire Qi wireless charging pad inside.

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To get power to the VÜ you have to plug the included power cable into the back of the VÜ. The plug is hidden up inside of the back leg slightly helping to keep the clean styling. When you first power the VÜ up the light on the bottom front will light up for a second to let you know it has power. This same light will turn on when you place your Qi compatible phone on the VÜ, red for a second then green once it starts charging. As a Nexus 4 owner I found this very convenient, anytime I’m sitting at my desk I can drop my phone on the VÜ and when I need it I don’t have to mess with the cord. The only issue I ran into was more phone related, if you drop your phone on there when the screen it turned off it won’t charge until you bump your power button to bring it out of its “sleep”.

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Charging time for my Nexus 4 wasn’t far off from what you would see using a standard charging cable. Before the VÜ I would regularly end up running down my phone to the point where it would shut off. This wasn’t from me being away from a way to charge my phone. It was simply me sitting the phone desk at my desk or in my pocket and forgetting to charge it until right before I went to get on an important conference call or leave for a long drive. Having the VÜ meant I would just sit my phone down like I normally would but while it’s sitting there it is charging. Now when I grab my phone it’s fully charged every single time I need it. If anything my worry now is keeping it fully charged TOO much.


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