Overview and Features

The Neptor battery excels in portability by coming in measurably smaller than most smartphones and in an extremely light 5oz. package. Perfectly sized for your pocket or purse, there is no reason to not be without power at a moment’s notice.

The front face where the charging ports are located is quite compact but there is still quite a bit happening. The two USB ports are marked differently for a reason, while both will charge your lower draw devices such as cell phones only the port marked 2.1Amp is intended to charge higher drain devices such as tablets. The little bulb in the center of the USB pair is a handy LED light for when you find yourself in the dark.

Neptor 5

Only the left side of battery we find the power button clearly displayed. While one press will commence charging and allow you to check the Neptor’s charge status, two will turn on the included LED flashlight to let you see the USB ports you may be plugging in to or anything you point the battery at making it handy in a pinch.

Neptor 6

The left side is where the batteries own charging port is located and the top is where we find the Neptor’s status indicator. Much like the Luxa2 portable battery, four small blue LEDs serve this purpose with all four being lit on a full charge and a single blinking one meaning you’re out of stored power.

Neptor 4

Neptor 3

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Eagle Tech throws their hat into the mobile battery pack rign with the Neptor NP056K.

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