Features and Installation

We typically would do a separate section for installation, but the process for installing the Ergostand II is so simple we just figured we would tack it on to the beginning of this section. First you are going to want to put the feet of the device out. The design of the feet is much different than the design of the feet on the initial Ergostand, and while I think these feet may break easier, at least I will have both of them. I have only had one foot on my other Ergostand for about four months now, and it makes it impossible to use!

Notpal Ergostand_Two_15

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After the feet are set up we need to select the angle at which we want to use the stand. This will depend a lot on how you are going to be positioned, and where you will be sitting. The stand has five different viewing angles, from completely flat on the table to almost completely vertical. It is nice because it gives you a wide range of options to use in different situations where you might need to view the laptop from a different position. Typically it will come down to personal preference and how you want to view the laptop.

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Once your viewing angle is all set up it is time to make sure the machine has power. This is probably the simplest step of them all. You will need to run the USB power cable that came with the device from your laptop into the back of the Ergostand II. Once it is plugged in you should start hearing the fan right away. If not, try turning up the fan speed, which is another cool feature because you can adjust how much cooling you need depending on what you are doing. If you turn up the fan speed and nothing happens, you might want to click the power button on the Ergostand, I hear giving things power helps tremendously when trying to get them to do things. You can also tell that the device has power by the strip of blue LED located on the back.

Notpal Ergostand_Two_22

Some of the features have been listed above, but one that hasn’t been is the extra functionality of the Ergostand II. It has four separate USB ports for devices that you might want to charge while using the computer. This is awesome for two reasons, first you have extra USB ports which you can never have enough of now that everything is going to USB power. The second reason is that it takes the duty away from the computer. The overall goal of the Ergostand II is to cool the laptop down, making sure that the laptop doesn’t have to feed power to multiple devices is one way to do that. Just run the one USB to the stand itself and let the stand do all of the remaining power tasks. This probably makes a very minimal difference, but every little bit matters when we are talking about computers! Lastly, there is even a mini USB port for you to charge any devices that way.

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