First things first, the H1 is a mobile stand meant to hold a wide arrange of devices. To this end it does not disappoint as I took it through its range of motion first with my own Droid 4 complete with an Otterbox case and then with a Nexus 4 fitted with the previously reviewed Poetic Palette. The stand hung on tight and motion stayed fluid throughout even when minor tweaking to the viewing angle was needed.

Luxa2H1 10

Luxa2H1 11

Luxa2H1 7

Luxa2H1 9

Luxa2H1 5

I can also confirm the H1 will fit models such as the HTC One, Lumia 820 and the iPhone 4S with ease. To my surprise, despite being larger than the listed range, the H1 was also able to get a grasp on the Samsung Galaxy S4 though the case did have to be removed to fit. Still in all these cases the viewing angle remained fully adjustable and perfect for showing off a video or two with friends or even serving as a stable camera stand based on device orientation.

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