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As a whole, this is a design that is best used with other accessories like a controller or keyboard. But it was well worth my time playing with it.  My mind was opened up to the fact that mobile phones and tablets are slowly taking place of things like the consoles that we grew up on. They have already replaced portable gaming for most, having the SlimPort that uses the charging port on your phone is a way to hook your television up to your phone is only going to make this more prevalent. Wireless Displays like Miracast will push this even further as well, but for now at least wired is still the way to go.

Even beyond the gaming, I was extremely impressed with the ability to be able to watch a movie on a flight and pick up where I left off in HD on the TV at my hotel while relaxing. By now some of you might be yelling at your screens that there have been phones able to do this for a long time with MHL - HDMI connection and you would be right. Where SlimPort fits into all of this is it’s an open standard (DisplayPort). There aren’t any licensing fees or royalty’s to drive the cost of products up for example. It also requires less power meaning It doesn’t require a power connection to function as well. SlimPort also supports 1080p60 and 3D at 1080p30, this is a nice improvement over MHL’s 720p60 and 1080p30.

It’s hard to tell how well SlimPort is going to take off at this time simply because they are just getting started. The Nexus 4 was the first phone on the market that supported it; hopefully we see more coming soon. But if you are looking for a way to put your new Nexus 4 up on the big screen, this is the best option. 

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