Let’s be honest, the packaging of your phone isn’t exactly something you see sitting on the shelf unless you are looking at a pre-paid phone generally. Normally they are hidden behind the counter with the actual phone out for you to check out. This is obvious when you see the packing for the Galaxy Note 2, Samsung kept everything simple with a white box with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 logo and the carrier’s logo as well.  Around back there is a short list of what you can actually expect inside the packaging for you to reference if you think something might be missing. Beyond that all of the information is the normal required info from everything including the FCC, nothing to see here really. The sleeve slides off with yet another all white box, this time the only thing going on is the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 logo right in the middle.

image 2

image 3

image 4

Inside when you open up the box you will be greeted with the super-sized Note 2 right on top. You actually have to dig past the phone to get to everything else that the Note 2 comes with. Under everything you will find a white AC to USB adapter that matches our white Note 2, a white USB charging cord, and a Verizon “Start Here” book.

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