It’s easy to tell that the Atmosphere is a little different than all of the other cases we have taken a look at up until now. For starters the design is semitransparent, up until now most of what we have seen have been bumpers or the white Ringke SLIM. The Atmosphere also has a unique design feature with small feet, something I was very excited about when I ordered because of how slippery the Nexus 4 can be when sitting on a table with a slant. Much like the Poetic bumper that we took a look at, the design of the Atmosphere actually is part plastic with rubber infused around the front (and the feet as well). This rubber is used to fill in around the top of the case to hold the phone in. They also have rubber over top of the power and volume buttons, a major improvement over the Ringke case where it just has large cutouts around it.

image 5

image 6

image 9

Here is a good look at the bottom of the case, Poetic went with the rubber around the charge port rather than have a thin/weak section of plastic that will break, you can also see the hole for the microphone from this point of view. Here you can see that the rubber used is more of a grey color than black, with the phone being almost all black I was surprised they went with this color, but it looks good.

image 11

The volume buttons with the rubber covering, it’s not as nice as the google/LG bumper with its real buttons but the rubber is much nicer than most cases that just cutout around buttons. This normally makes the case feel less like a case over your phone.

image 12

The Atmosphere’s most unique feature are the small feat that are on each corner of the back of the case. As you can see there isn’t much to them, but you do get a small nub of rubber to lift the case up off of the surface you are sitting it on as well as giving it a rubber grip to keep it from sliding around. We will see how much they helped in the performance section.

image 13

image 15

image 17

image 16


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