case frontFinally decided to drop the cash on an iPad 2 or The New Ipad (ipad 3) did you? Well if you made the investment you are going to want to protect it. When I bought my wife an iPad a couple of weeks ago, the first thing I went looking for was a case. Cooler Master presented the opportunity to review their Choiix branded “Wake Up Folio” which would provide the iPad something in the way of protection. The Wake Up Folio comes in a variety of colors to choose from.


Product Name: Wake Up Folio

Review Sample Provided by: Cooler Master

Review by: Jakob Barnard

Pictures by: Jakob Barnard


  • Wake up / Fall Asleep Function
  • Optimum Viewing
  • Pass-through Design
  • Magnetic Integration
  • Microfiber Inner
  • Ipad 2 and The New Ipad (Ipad 3) support


  • Model          C-IP2F-SCWU-WW (White)

C-IP2F-SCWU-KK (Black)
C-IP2F-SCWU-TW (Orange)
C-IP2F-SCWU-GW (Green)

  • Material      Polycarbonate, Microfiber, Polyurethane and eco-leather
  • Dimension 245x193x13 mm / 9.6x7.6x0.5 inch
  • Weight         236.5g / 0.83Oz
  • Warranty     2 years
  • UPC Code    884102011368 (White)

884102013423 (Pink)
884102011412 (Black)
884102013430 (Orange)
884102013436 (Blue)
884102013416 (Gray)
884102013467 (Green)



The packaging sports the Choiix logo, which is Cooler Masters accessory brand. It is a bit more out of the way allowing the color of the case to be clearly displayed. Yes, it is indeed very pink. Cooler Master actually confirmed twice that this was indeed the color we wanted to review.

 DSC 4358

DSC 4359



Taking it out of the packaging we find this is a no-nonsense packing job. The only thing contained in the box is the case itself. There was shrink wrap in the plastic parts to keep it from scratching in shipments. The shrink wrap is likely a bit on the overkill side, but a good move to keep the quality up until it is in your hands.

Inside of the cover you can see the microfiber interior, keeping all parts of the iPad safe from scratching.

DSC 4360

DSC 4361

DSC 4362


Installation is as simple as lining the case up with the ports and pressing the iPad down into the case. The plastic edges clip over the edge of the iPad and hold it into place. With how softly it clipped in I wondered how secure it really was, but it did take a slight bit of effort to remove the iPad. This means there isn’t much in the way of fearing the Wake Up Folio will accidentally come off.

The ports line up perfectly and having the case on doesn’t inhibit their use. I have had cases in the past where it became a bit of a pain to get the charging cable plugged in, but was pleased to find that wasn’t an issue here. The volume controls were also easily accessible due to the thin nature of this case.

DSC 4363

DSC 4364


The case was comfortable to the touch and with a variety of color options looks quite stylish as well. The white offsets the color well and flows with the white Apple styling of the iPad. I was pleased with the “wake up” functionality of the cover flap.

The case we were looking at was indeed pink – very pink. My wife loved it, though if pink is not your thing, there are plenty of other color options. The lines in the cover are actually fold points. This allows you to roll the lid and make it into a stand. This only works in landscape form of course, and only one angle, but if your just watching movies on the go, it works.

DSC 4365

DSC 4366


Its simplicity is what I liked about it. It didn’t add a lot of bulk to the iPad, while protecting it from scratches and dings that come with normal usage. There are more robust options out there that offer more protection in the way of extreme drops, but are general of a higher price point. This case comes in under $40, which is on par with the case Apple tries to sell you on their site. The bottom line is the case works well, has a nice feel, will protect the iPad from normal usage, and is priced reasonably. The best part is it fits both the ipad 2 and the recently announced The New Ipad (ipad 3)! 

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Author: Jake Barnard

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