Setup and Use

With the entire aluminum base being perforated the fans are very adjustable. Small pegs at each corner latch on to the holes in the base like pegboard. One button on each fan will remove it from the “pegboard” and each fan is easily moved with one hand.  Cable guides keep the power cords neatly contained and guards on each fan keep the cabling and fingers out.




Two small tabs flip up at the bottom of the base to keep the computer from sliding off. They are not so adjustable, with about two inches of play. Some users may struggle to find a comfortable place for them, especially if they use the touch pad instead of a mouse. One solution I found for one of my laptops was to use only one of the two tabs as close to center as possible. That worked as long as I didn't set the base at too steep of an angle. This of course is if you’re trying to use the Notepal U Stand with your laptops keyboard and track pad. We would suggest using a mouse and keyboard with the U Stand as more of a dock than standard laptop cooler. Paired with your favorite peripherals you can feel right at home without much setup time.




The right side of the base houses all of the electronics on the Notepal U Stand with three USB 2.0 ports, one USB 2.0 input, a power connection, and power buttons for the fan along with a power light. The three USB ports are just the right amount, giving you one for both your keyboard and mouse and leaving one last port free for a portable hard drive or other USB device you want to dock with. Add in a universal power supply and you've got a place to easily setup any laptop you, or your guests, have.


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