frontToday we are going to take a look at Cooler Masters new Notepal U Stand. It’s similar in design to a few of their previous models, but with the stand functionality paired up with the Notepal’s adjustability it has the potential to be great product. Rather than do the same-ol laptop cooler review, our new writer JD will be taking a look at the Notepal U Stand. JD will be covering the Notepal U Stand from a consumer point of view rather our typical technical perspective. Combined with the Notepal U Stand’s features it should make for a good read, click to find out how it turned out.

Product Name: Cooler Master Notepal U Stand

Review Sample Provided by: Cooler Master

Review by: JD

Pictures by: Wes


If you use your laptop for gaming, video editing or other resource intensive activities, it can get too hot and shut down, usually at the worst time possible.. There are few feelings as hollow as getting to the next level in a tough game, or finally getting an edit how you like it, only to see the blue screen of death.


Many years ago when I faced that problem while editing video, I used eight micro videotape boxes, two on each corner, to elevate the laptop and get air under it. Today there are better answers, several from Cooler Master.

One of their latest offerings is the Notepal U Stand. The aluminum laptop stand has a perforated base that adjusts to five angles to let air flow under your computer. To increase that airflow, two whisper-silent fans can be attached under the base and powered through your laptop's USB port. At 70 cubic feet per minute, they won't blow your hair back, but they do the job.

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