titleWith today’s smartphones costing up to $600 bucks to replace without insurance it’s amazing that we all just throw them around without a worry in the world. It doesn’t help that manufactures are using large glass panels on the full touch smart phones making them even more susceptible to breakage. That’s where company’s like Seidio come in. Seidio manufactures cases and accessories for popular phones. Today I have the chance to put their Innocase II Surface Combo to the test on the HTC Incredible.


Product Name: Seidio Innocase II Surface combo for the HTC Incredible

Review Sample Provided by: Seidio

Review by: Wes

Pictures by: Wes



Innocase II Surface:

- Only 1mm thin case that provides scratch and drop protection
- Case raises the camera away from a flat surface in order to protect your lens
- Easily put on and remove your case with our unique slide-in design that consists of interlocking top and bottom pieces
- Felt lining on the inside of the case protects your phone as you slide it in
- Edges of the case do not interfere with buttons or the keyboard on your touch screen
- Precision cutouts for access to the ports, controls, speaker and camera
- Compatible with our holsters, desktop cradles, Innodocks and car kits

Innocase Holster:

- Unique spring clip lifts for quick access and easy removal
- Adjustable swivel belt clip with 7 rotating angles
- Felt liner and face-in design protect your phone from outside elements
- Easy access to connectors and function keys
- Designed specifically for Seidio Innocases


The Innocase II Surface came in a typical bubble packaging that you would see any other phone case in. The case itself is easy to see and is sporting a cutout of the HTC Incredible to give you an idea of what it would look like with your phone inside. Inside that same cutout flips over to include instructions on how to both install and remove the case, a nice use of space.




Before installing the Innocase II Surface I had to remove the case I picked up through Verizon when I first got the phone. Although similar the old case snaps together with a front and back piece like most snap on cases. Seidio’s case on the other hand has a top and bottom that slide onto the phone. The different design fits the phone a little tighter and should stay on the phone better when dropped. Inside of the Innocase II Surface they also included a nice felt covering protecting your phone a little more while also making sure you have a snug fit. Sliding the two halves together is easy and locks together tightly, but even then the case is easy to take apart if needed.



Having lived with the Verizon case for over a month, switching to the Innocase II Surface was night and day. The way the original case was split up between the front and back gave it a sharp edge all the way around the edge of the phone. The Innocase’s design avoids that issue all together; the edge all the way around is very smooth and comfortable. The finish of the case is grippy enough to make it easy to hold without being so grippy that it picks up dust and dirt from your pocket, an issue I have seen with past cases. The case shape itself maintains the design of the Incredible’s distinguished battery cover with one major difference. There is a thicker section just under the camera’s lens to protect it from damage, a nice touch! Each of the ports on the case are just large enough to give you ample room to reach each port and button without interference.




The included belt clip snaps onto the Innocase II Surface without any issues. The face of the phone mounts into the case giving it extra protection with it out on your hip, you wouldn’t want to bump into a table and break the glass. It also has the felt lining for a little added protection. The belt clip has 7 different adjustment angles to make sure it fits you easily. When paired up the case and belt clip give you a good combination of protection. During my testing the case was easy to use. A few days into my testing I thought for sure my phone bit the dust. I dropped it from around 4 feet in the air onto cement, hitting the top corner of the phone. A hit like that is sure to shatter the glass, surprisingly the phone was undamaged! The case did take a little damage, cracking the case in one spot.





Everything about the Innocase II Surface was easy to work with during installation. The case was a major improvement over the cases Verizon sells. The included belt clip combines with the Innocase II to make a protective barrier for your high end smart phone. During my testing I accidentally put the case to the ultimate test with a hard fall. Even though the case cracked, it saved my phone from any damage. With a suggested retail price of just under $50 for both the case and belt clip, I would consider that money well spent! The case it still in great shape save for one crack, and my phone is still doing its thing. I couldn’t recommend the Innocase II Surface more!


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