IMG_5572-lrWhen it comes to laptop accessories you can find just about anything that you can imagine. Choiix a Cooler Master brand has recently been making a name for themselves by marketing what they call lifestyle products with a focus on style and comfort along with simplicity and portability. Most of their products focus on Netbook or Eee PC’s along with small notebooks, obviously a growing market. With the Cooler Master Brand backing them up I expect to see and hear a lot more from Choiix. Today I’m going to take a look at a few of their products just to get an idea of what Choiix is all about.

Product Name: Accu-Mouse Accu-pad Air Through Stash Ucool notebook pad

Review Sample Provided by: Choiix

Review by: Wes

Pictures by: Wes

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Engine 2.4G Hz 1200dpi Laser
Compatibility PC & Mac
Operational Distance 5M
Batteries 2 AA's


On my Eee PC the touch pad is smaller than a business card making it nearly impossible to use for anything but the simplest tasks. Of course most laptop mice are still big enough to make it hard to carry around without a bag; with netbooks the idea is to have something portable with or without a bag. Choiix’s Accu-Mouse is small enough that you can put it in your pocket if needed. The 2.4GHz  wireless receiver is not much larger than the USB port that it plugs into and stores in the underside of the mouse for easy transportation. With its power saving modes you can expect six or more months of life out of the two AA’s. Running 1200DPI gives you the ability to use the Accu-Mouse even with a small amount of table space. With a price under $25 bucks (Wireless $24.99 and Retractable $11.99)it also goes well with your $250 netbook!

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Dimensions 220mm x180mm (8.66 x 7.08”)
Colors Red, Black, White, Blue, Pink Silver, Grey Silver, Blue Silver


Even though a lot of the mice on the market today will work fine on a table top its still recommended that you run a mouse pad for the best performance and extended life of the Teflon pads on the bottom of the mouse. Choiix’s Accu-Pad is a perfect match for their Accu-Mouse. Available in seven different colors you’re bound to find one or two colors that go with your style, or you could even run a different color for every day of the week. At only .7mm thick the Accu-Pad is as thin as paper, I found it the perfect size to slide in-between the keyboard and monitor on my Eee PC. Too keep it from sliding around Choiix put adhesive spots on the bottom keeping it secure while still being easy to move when needed. I found this was perfect for my lunch time writing sessions at random fast food joints. The Accu-Pad was easy to use and made for a much better surface to use when working.

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Air-Through Stash

Materials Plastic and Rubber
Dimensions 230 x 320 x 50mm (9.05”x12.59”x1.96”)
Weight 590g ( 1.3lbs)
Fan Size 80 x 15mm (3.14” x 0.59”)
Color Black, White
Compatible Compatible with up to 15” Notebook


This past March i had a chance to take a look at the Mini Air-Through from Choiix. More recently they have released a new Notebook cooling pad called the Air Through Stash. Obviously it is similar to the Mini Air-Through but you may be wondering why the addition of the "stash" to its name. As it turns out you can now hide a 2.5inch hard drive away inside of the cooler turning it into more of a docking station than just a cooler. On the back they have included three USB ports, perfect for hooking up veries devices. If you choose to use the Air-Through Stash as a dock the three USB ports would be perfect for keeping your keyboard and mouse hooked up. Overall I was especially impressed with the Air-Through Stash's ability to be much more than a notebook cooler without taking up any more space than any other cooler.

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Ucool Notebook Pad

Dimensions 270x400x37mm
Weight 390g
Materials EVA, Micro-fiber


For those who like to lounge around with their notebook on the couch or in bed it would be very difficult to use a standard notebook like the Air-Through. For those people Choiix has the Ucool Notebook Pad, a soft foam pad to keep your notebook from heating up your legs. The shape also allows for breathing on its underside for notebooks that have air vents on the bottom. The Ucool is just about as simple as they come but still manages to do exactly what it needs to do while also having an easy to recognize style. The Ucool embodies what Choiix is aiming for with lifestyle products.

IMG_4753-lr IMG_4756-copy-lr IMG_4758-lr IMG_4757-lr IMG_4760-lr IMG_4761-lr IMG_4764-lr IMG_4765-lr IMG_4770-lr

Easy-Fit Sleeve

Product dimensions 270 X 220 X45mm (10.63? X 8.66? X 1.77?)
Weight 200g (0.44 lbs)
Materials Nylon, PU leather, Velour’s


Choiix set out to design a sleeve that was easy to install with good styling and durability. On all of those issues Choiix did a great job, proving that a case doesn’t have to be complicated or bulky. I did have a few issues with the top elastic strap blocking my webcam and popping off. But considering how well the sleeve protected my netbook a few small issues are expected. The professional styling reminded me of a planner. It wouldn’t look out of place sitting on the side of a desk or in a suitcase. I’m sure some people would like to see something with a little more zest or color,  if that’s the case this isn’t for you. But if their past products are an indication, I’m sure they will have something for you soon. I wrote more about the Easy-Fit Sleeve in a paste review HERE.



Having the chance to take a look at most of the Choiix product line it’s clear what they set out to do with the Choiix brand. They product products that do a good job at enhancing your computing experience while  also having enough style that you won’t be afraid to leave it sitting out on the table when you invite company around. Each of their products does something to perform a step above the competition while still being priced competitively. With Cooler Master backing it and a great design team I’m excited to see what they think of next! Until then you just might find me chilling on the couch with the Ucool ;).


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