100_0398-lanoc1Today I will be reviewing the Endo laptop messenger bag from Spire. Laptops are made to be portable and are also quite expensive . When taking your laptop out into the public you need as much protection as you can get. Is this the one messenger bag to top the rest?

Product Name: Endo Laptop Bag

Product supplied by : Spire

Review by : Matt

Picture by: Matt

Features and Specs

First we will take a look at the main selling point of a laptop bag , the protection it offers.  Spire refers to it as a  TripleShock™ padding system. I could not find anywhere on the site where this is explained , but I can assume it has to do with the extra protection offered to the sides and bottom. The padding is alot thicker than what I have come across in my other laptop bags. There is also a panel that is attached by velcro that can be removed and at the bottom of the bag is a thick piece of foam that adds additional protection to the bottom of the laptop.  It makes me feel at ease that they put so much thought into putting extra padding in the places where a laptop would commonly feel impact were it to fall.




Aside from the protection it also offers some interesting features that not every laptop bag has. I really like the 2" single buckle that it uses to secure the front flap. Its quite bigger than anything I have ever seen on a messenger style laptop bag. The buckle feels strong and adds to the image that this bag is built to withstand anything. Other features include a water bottle pocket , refelctive ovals on the  sides of the bag , glow in the dark zipper pulls , mp3 player pocket with headphone grommet , pass-through for luggage handles. Also the outside is made of 1680D ballistic nylon giving it the feel of something that would never break down. All very handy when you are on the move with your laptop.


The storage capacity in this thing is amazing. It boasts a lovely 6 external pockets and 4 internal pockets plus 2 pen pockets. . On the front flap is a pocket that runs about half the height of the flap itself. This pocket would be great for things you need quick access to such as headphones , USB chargers , or USB chords in general. Along the sides of the bag are the mesh water bottle pocket and the mp3 player pocket with headphone grommet. Both the pockets are just big enough for their intended purpose so you won't get any extra storage from them. The back of the bag has the luggage pull-through pocket which zips up at the bottom leaving you with a pocket roughly the size of the whole bag. This would be great to put papers you need quick and easy access to while carrying the bag on your shoulder.  As soon as you open the flap you have a compartmented pocket with spaces for pens and smaller items. Above that is a zipper which reveals a pocket as big as the bag which is where  I would put the power supply and mice . Then finally inside the laptop compartment are smaller pockets much like what was on the inside of the flap. I was a bit dissapointed there wasn't a zippered pocket in the laptop area of the bag. There is more than enough room to store things in that area but it all hangs loose. It's something extremely minor because in all honesty I ran out of things to put in this bag. I managed to fit my laptop , mouse , mouse pads , external hard drive , mp3 player , headphones , bundle of cords , and anything I could ever think of needing when I am out with my laptop and I could not max this out. I am very impressed with the amout of storage this bag allows.



It should also be noted that this bag is just from 15" macbooks or 15.4" notebooks. For up to 17" laptops you would want the Mojo.

Practical Use

On the website you are showered with photos of people in the wilderness , outside , on bikes, and enjoying the outdoors. There isn't a wilderness to be found in Van Wert and honestly the last place I want to be on my laptop is on top of a mountain getting wifi with bears. Being the nerd I am I can think of the perfect place where this would have been like ambrosia from the gods.  A while back we took a trip to a lanparty that was roughly six hours away. With an attendence of almost 500 you can imagine there were lines everywhere. Here I am with rig in hand , a friend has my monitor , and my laptop and all extras were in this big bulky backpack of doom hanging from me like the dead weight it is. Just imagining this  and how much easier my time would have been with this messenger bag I would go buy one instantly. This bag will also be a pain reliever when lugging equipment back and forth at the LANOC events.

Final Thoughts This bag is everything you could want in a laptop bag. It is spacious , it is very well made , and its reasonablly priced. Also the bag is $20.00 off through 5/31 bringing the price down to $69 down from $89 that it quite the deal.


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