When it comes to your high dollar laptop you can’t be too safe. There are only a few ways of keeping it secure. Short of carrying it around with you the options are very limited, there is a good chance you will be looking at Notebook locks. With Kensington being a trusted name it’s no surprise a lot of people turn to them to keep their laptop secure. Kensington produces a variety of different options, the easiest being a combination lock. Kensington provided us with their newest model. We are going to use it in everyday life and see how well it works. Keep reading to find out how everything went.

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Review by: Garfi3ld

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Self-coiling cable extends from 3-in to 6-ft
Slim-profile lock attaches to 99% of notebooks with patented T-bar locking mechanism
Simple to set combination with easy view window and comfort grip dials
10,000 personalized combination codes
SAFE-tested for greater security and peace of mind
Online registration makes it easy to retrieve lost combinations
Fits into the Kensington Security Slot found in 99 percent of notebook computers



4-wheel keyless combination lock
6 ft self-coiling steel cable retracts to 3 inches
Patented T-bar lock for most secure grip to the slot



ComboSaver® Combination Portable Notebook Lock is backed by the Kensington Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Kensington always impresses me with their packaging. They all have a very “hip” style, but they always have a Kensington look. The front of has a window to show off the main portion of the lock. In typical Kensington fashion it looks like someone has drawn all over the package with a pen. The drawings basically show how to put this Notebook lock to work. On the back they have included a few pictures of the lock. Along with that you will find more notes from the person with the pen that we saw on the front of the packaging. They adding notes pointing out some of the main features of the lock. There is also a short feature list including “10,000 personalized combinations”, its great to know that the combination can be anything that I want it to be. The last thing about the packaging is the logo you find on the bottom right on the front and back. Kensington has a rating system for all of their locks; this one is rated “safe”. Overall Kensington has once again impressed me with well thought out packaging.


In what could be the fastest installation we have ever done the lock went around a table leg and locked into the laptop in a matter of seconds. I decided that the combination that the lock came with was too simple so I grabbed the “key” that is on the cable stuck it into the top of the lock and (with the lock unlocked) spun the lock. Once spun I set the lock to the combination I wanted and then turned the lock back into its normal position. No one without the combination can change it so you don’t have to worry about someone changing it on you.


There is a reason that the slot on your laptop is called a K-slot or a Kensington slot. Kensington has designed and produced laptop locks from the beginning. That’s experience you can’t buy! This type of lock isn’t designed to keep your laptop secure from an experienced thief. But it will prevent a crime of opportunity. No one would like to get up to get a refill and come back to a missing laptop. The fact that this lock doesn’t require a key and only a combination should make it easy for people like me who don’t like to add to the already long list of keys on my key ring. Kensington made it amazingly easy to change the combination to anything you would like. It’s hard to make a laptop lock interesting, and Kensington has managed to do that with their ComboSaver Combination Portable Notebook Lock, I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a quality lock. At $25 bucks you couldn’t ask for more reasonable price for keeping your high dollar laptop safe and sound.

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