Krusell is a Swedish company who is known normally for making cases for cell phones and other portable electrical devices. They have recently branched into the laptop bag arena and have provided us with a sample for us to check out. They have provided us with a Radical Messenger bag for a 15.4” laptop. Is Krusell ready to enter the laptop market? We will find out after the jump.

Review Sample Provided by: Krusell

Review By: Garfi3ld

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We will start with a quick look around the outside of the bag. With this being a messenger bad there is a flap that goes over the top to close everything up from prying eyes and from the weather. Krusell included a double storage area on the front of the flap for pens and other small items. The shoulder strap is two inches wide, adjustable, and has a very comfortable pad to prevent discomfort when carrying lots of things in your bag. On the back side of the bag there is a strap for holding the bag if you don’t want to use the shoulder strap. They have also included a packet the size of the whole back of the bag with a Velcro area at the top to keep it closed, at the bottom there is a zipper that runs from one side to the other. I’m not really sure what the zipper is for, but this area is perfect for keeping your power cord in, easy to get out and lots of room to keep it from getting tangled. Lastly on the outside they have included a zipper that once unzipped will add another two to three inches of room inside of the bad if you need it.

Moving on to the inside of the bag you will find a slew of pockets and pouches to store all of your laptop knick knacks. Starting from the front side you will first notice a 9 inch wide and 6 inch tall zip pouch, frankly I haven’t found a use for this one, but it’s nice to know that there is room for anything that I can think to add into the bag. Behind that pouch there is a pocket with Velcro at the top that is as wide as the bad and almost as deep. Again this is another one I haven’t found a use for in my every day use, people with more junk will find all this extra room handy. Next is a large pocket that will fit any 15.4 laptops even though it is not made for that. I found myself carrying around two laptops for a few days and this pocket swallowed it up. This is also the area that expands when the zipper on the outside is unzipped, I did not need to unzip it to fit the 2nd laptop in the bag. Also inside of the big pocket are two smaller pockets that are great for keeping your mouse and headphones in them. They will hold just about anything, I store a full size Razer Deathadder in the pouch and you wouldn’t even know something was in there without sticking your hand down into it. Lastly, they have included a padded pouch to store your laptop in; the padding is very thick giving your laptop excellent protection from damage. They have included a strap to keep your laptop from falling out, but it is noticeable from the start that this strap is way too long with no form of adjustment.

Living with it

Upgrading from a Wal-Mart bought ICon laptop bag to this bag has been a pleasure. The first thing I noticed was the quality of the bag itself. The Terylene outside shell feels like it will hold up to any abuse and the polyester lining is smooth enough to not damage or scratch anything you put in the bag. Even the zippers themselves have rubber grips with the Krusell name on them showing that they worried about the quality and the design all the way down to the little details. The overall look of the bag has a nice clean look without being the normal black laptop bag. With the ability to practically live inside of this bag given the amount of space inside of it, it will be amazing if anyone ever fills one up.


I’m fairly sure that this is the same design they used to make Mary Poppins her hand bag for the documentary they made about her. The quality is amazing! I could literally carry around bricks in this bag without any worries of damaging it not that I would suggest doing this. If for some reason you do have a problem with your bag you can contact Krusell and put the Lifetime Warrenty to use. The only complaint I have on it is the trap that holds your laptop in. Its way to long to hold in my normal sized 15.4 inch laptop and has no adjustment in it. A longer patch of Velcro would fix this problem. For their first try at laptop bags this is amazing, I hope that they continue to product more styles and designs. I also hope that in doing that their bags will be easier to find to buy here in the states.

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