The packaging for the Logitech G502 X Plus follows the same layout as past Logitech products with a large zoomed-in picture of the mouse on the front and the model name in a huge font up the side and in this case at the top as well for the Plus. They have used grey for the background in the past as well but it has been a darker grey and sometimes like with the Superlite it was more black so this light grey is a different look. I’m not sure if this is because of ours being the white model or if they have changed that up at all. The side of the box has a specification breakdown which is nice to see as well as some of the main features highlighted with icons next to the specifications. Then on the back, the G502 X Plus is pictured again, this time from a different angle and farther back. Logitech has lines going to some of the features and short descriptions in the bottom half as well. 

image 17

image 18

image 19

Inside the box is the same as past Logitech mice. The mouse itself sits in a cardboard tray shaped to fit it to keep it from moving around. There is a small foam sticker on the top of the box that protects it on that side as well. So when you open the box up you have the mouse presented to you and not hiding behind anything. Under the G502 X Plus, they have the dongle and a second side button. When you lift that out you have the charging cord wrapped up and the dongle adapter in its own spot. Then below that is the documentation. You get a user guide and a Logitech sticker. There are also two more papers with information on the warranty and all of the legal compliance information.

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