In addition to the Basilisk V3, Pro Razer did also send their new Mouse Dock Pro. The packaging for both devices has that standard Razor look which has a black background and uses bright green accents including the three-headed razor logo in the top right corner of both boxes. The Basilisk V3 Pro and the Mouse Dock Pro both have large pictures of the devices on the front of the box which is great to see especially for anyone shopping in a retail store. They also have a lighting effect in the background behind both pictures which gives us a clue that both devices have RGB lighting as a main feature. They both have their model names in the bottom left corner with a reflective finish and then below that, they have a few key features listed out as well as a full description of each device. For the Basilisk V3 Pro, that means pointing out that it's a wireless ergonomic gaming mouse, and then for the Mouse Dock Pro, it lets us know that it's a wireless mouse charging dock that also integrates their 4K Hertz transceiver.

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The side of the Basilisk V3 Pro box mentions the hyper scroll tilt wheel, the focus pro 30K optical sensor, and the Razer optical Gen 3 switches. It also lists everything that's inside of the box and the three different connection types that you can use the mouse with. The back of the box has another picture of the mouse this time showing the under glow lighting. They again mention the switches the optical sensor and the customization but this time around they also add in a photo of the quick charger puck that could be added to the bottom of the mouse and a picture of the Razer Mouse Dock Pro as well.

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When you open the box app the Basilisk V3 Pro is sitting in a plastic tray which keeps it featured right up on top and along with a small bumper on the bottom of the box keeps it from moving around.  When you remove that you have a box that comes with the documentation color stickers and the charging cable and wireless dongle.

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The Mouse Dock Pro on the back has another picture of the dock as well as a picture of the Basilisk V3 Pro sitting on top of it. Around that picture, they highlight a few of the key features like the 4K Hertz transceiver, charge status RGB lighting, magnetic wireless charging, and the razer chroma RGB lighting zones. I should also point out that the Basilisk V3 Pro has a two-year warranty but the dock has just a year warranty.

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