Corsair stuck with their normal packaging styling for the K65 RGB MINI 60% which means it has their bright yellow background with black as trim and on the sides. The box itself is small just like the keyboard and the front has a picture of the K65 RGB MINI 60% across most of the front with its RGB lighting lit up. The Corsair logo is in the top left corner and the K65 RGB MINI 60% model name is in the bottom left and is in the biggest font but is still relatively small. Below that, they note that this is a 60% mechanical gaming keyboard. In the bottom right there is a sticker letting you know which layout this has and an icon showing that their iCue software is supported. There is a small specification listing on the top edge of the box which is repeated in Spanish, French, and Portuguese. That includes the weight and dimensions which is good. On the back of the box, the yellow continues and there is another picture of the K65 RGB MINI 60% only this time with a different spacebar. There is also a picture of the detachable Type-C cable and the optional spacebar. Then they have a few of the key features listed on the back and repeated across the three extra languages as well.

image 13

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When you open the box up, the K65 RGB MINI 60% sits right up on top and has a clear plastic cover over top of it. You can see that the overall box size is basically only enough to fit the keyboard. Then below the keyboard there is a flip-out flap that has the documentation in a bag tucked into it and then the accessories are all in the box under the flap.

image 16

You get a bag with the Corsair sail logo on it which has each component sealed into their own section. They give you a plastic keycap remover, their Sail logo keycap, and the standard spacebar if you prefer it over the preinstalled one with the crazy design on it. You also get the cord for the K65 RGB MINI 60% which is a long USB Type-A to USB Type-C cable with black sleeving on the entire cord. It comes with a Velcro strap installed for storage or if you have too much cord and both of the USB connections have their Corsair-specific rounded design to the housing which has a nice knurled grip on it as well.

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Then for the documentation, the K65 RGB MINI 60% comes with a user guide, a warranty guide, and a paper with the safety information.

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