Overall and Final Verdict

I mentioned it earlier, but I think the best part about seeing MSI bring out the Clutch GM41 Lightweight Wireless is knowing that MSI is listening to what people are looking for. Lightweight mice in general were hard to come by for a long time and are now a lot more available. But turning a good lightweight mouse into a good wireless mouse often means adding a lot of weight and MSI did a good job of avoiding that. The GM41 Lightweight Wireless is lighter than the G Pro Wireless and the Viper Ultimate which are both the golden standard for lightweight wireless mice without resorting to holes all over the place. Not only that but MSI did it with the GM41 being a bigger mouse! They stuck with solid performing components like the 3370 sensor and the Omron switches as well. Fans of the Razer Viper may also be happy to know that the GM41 has a similar but larger shape if they are looking for a larger option. I wasn’t able to include it in my pro’s listing, but the overall battery life of the GM41 as well as the included dock are huge. You can get over a week out of the mouse easily unless you are always gaming and charging in the downtime is easy with the small dock.

I did have a few areas that I wouldn’t mind seeing improvements on. For example, using the Micro-USB connection in 2021 is a little crazy, most people have moved to Type-C devices like their phones years ago at this point, having that as an option for quick charging the GM41 Lightweight Wireless. Not to mention it is easier to plug in. I also think it is interesting that the overall shape of the mouse is ambidextrous, but by not having the side buttons on both sides it ends up not being ambidextrous. For this one, I do understand why they went that direction, the extra side buttons add a lot of weight. MSI isn’t the only company that has ditched the right side buttons but it is worth mentioning for the lefties out there. For the gliders, I like that MSI went with Teflon/PTFE gliders, a lot of enthusiasts go out of their way to upgrade to them later. But I am a little concerned that these aren’t wide enough and that they will wear out faster. My last suggestion would be the side grips. I think dropping them could lead to better durability long term, these tend to break down and the shape of the mouse itself does a lot even without any extra grips for keeping the GM41 in your hand.

As for pricing, MSI says that we can expect to see the Clutch GM41 Lightweight Wireless for around $89.99 to $94.99. That isn’t really cheap if we were comparing it with wired lightweight mice, but when it comes to wireless it is a big improvement over some of the direct competition like the Razer Viper Ultimate which is $125 if you get a dock or $109 if you don’t. The G Pro Wireless is $113 and doesn’t include a dock and the Superlight will run you $149 if you can even find one. With the dock included, that makes the Clutch GM41 Lightweight Wireless cheap, thankfully we aren’t being charged by the letter!


Live Pricing: HERE

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