For testing the Clutch GM41 Lightweight Wireless, it couldn’t come at a better time. I typically use the Logitech G Pro Wireless and recently have been using the Superlight. Lightweight wireless mice are exactly what I prefer to use day to day on my main PC. Switching from the Superlight to the GM41 Wireless gave me a direct comparison of the difference in weight between the two competitors. The same goes for the G Pro Wireless which I also have on my desk and the GM41 ends up falling in between the two for weight. At 76 grams going off of our scale, it is a little lighter than the original G Pro Wireless but the Superlight is still noticeably lighter being 10 grams less. The GM41 is way different than what Logitech has to offer for shape as well with more of a coke bottle shape in the middle of the mouse and wider “hips” so to speak. This gives more to grab on to and the overhand that you use when you pick up the mouse is larger.

Beyond that when it comes to materials, the GM41’s plastic finish is a little more textured on the triggers which I would prefer it was as smooth as on the back. But I think this is due to the triggers being pure plastic where the back has been painted to include the dragon logo in RGB. Which while I’m on that topic, while I don’t mind it I don’t think it is needed. It cuts into battery life when it is under your hand any time you are using it. Lighting would be better utilized somewhere you might see it. The rubber side grips held up in my admittedly short testing period but from past experience, that is most likely what will fail first if not the painted finish.

Functionally the GM41 performed well. MSI did their research on the sensor with the 3370 Pixart optical sensor. The same goes for the switches for the triggers which have that always satisfying solid click that Omrons are known for. I still prefer Logitech’s scroll wheel as the diamond grip on the GM41 doesn’t grip as well as I would like it to while at the same time the wheels scrolling resistance is higher. The Teflon gliders on the GM41 were solid but I would like them to be larger. They don’t feel as smooth as you would expect from a new mouse and I know that long-term having less surface area will have them wear out sooner.

Covering the GM41 Lightweight Wireless at launch had a downside that I wasn’t able to get my hands on the software for testing. I wasn’t a big fan of the wide range of default DPI settings using the bottom-mounted button. But I did like that the button was hidden under the mouse so it wasn’t easy to bump, but some people will see that as a downside. I have to assume that with the software that you will be able to set your own custom DPIs. As for battery life, MSI didn’t have the battery life listed in the specifications but they do have it on the back of the box. They say that you will experience 200 hours of normal use or 80+ hours of fast-paced aiming on the battery which is a crazy amount of time between charges for either option. That is over 8 full days of 24 hours a day use or over 3 days of constant gaming. What I ended up with was enough time in my everyday use that I didn’t kill the battery in the almost a week of testing I did prior to the launch. Which is good because I am REALLY bad about plugging my wireless devices in, which is why I normally use the powerplay to always change my wireless mice. With the GM41 Wireless, I can hopefully remember to take advantage of the easy charging with the dock at least once a week to keep things running. But if I do kill it you can still plug it in with that stiff cord they include.


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