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Over the past 5 years, we have seen a huge shift in Logitech’s direction when it comes to mice. They have been working closely with esports pros and they have their ear to the ground when it comes to mouse enthusiasts. The original G Pro Wireless was a great example of this being their first real focus on weight and following the trend of simplifying their mouse shapes like the rest of their pro lineup. Between then and now Logitech has continued improving their Hero sensors and I think with the move to Omron 20 million click white switches may have the double click issues handled. The Pro X Superlight is based on the G Pro Wireless and has the same shape which I love. But it is the smaller details that make a big difference. Dropping RGB lighting isn’t a loss at all and adding that with the removed right side buttons has dropped the weight down 25%, putting the Superlight in the same range as some wired mice that are covered in holes to keep the weight down. Without any of the downsides of all of the holes.

The enthusiast-focused additions like the PTFE gliders are great and save money for those who were already upgrading to PTFE. The same goes for the included precut grip tape. This allows people who had no idea that grip tape was a thing to finally experience it and people who were already buying it save $10.

There weren’t many issues with the Pro X Superlight. My note in the cons below about Type-C is a nitpick, but I would love to see Logitech start to move to Type-C connections just to lower the number of cables people need at their desk. Imagine charging your mouse up with the same cable you charge your phone. I also would love to see a Superlight mouse that is a touch bigger. It could just be a larger version of this shape or something like the G703.

The Pro X Superlight has an MSRP of $149.99 which is the same as the launch MSRP of the G Pro Wireless. The original has dropped down to $129 with this now taking the flagship role. At $149 the Superlight isn’t cheap. For comparison the Glorious Model O Wireless is half that, the Aerox 3 Wireless is $99. Those options use holes to get lightweight so they aren’t exactly directly comparable. The most direct competition would be the Viper Wireless which Razer has the same price as the Superlight and is 13 grams heavier. The other big issue with the Pro X Superlight right now is availability. Like a lot of other PC components this year, they are hard to find and people have been scalping and selling them for more.


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