Logitech has been very consistent with their packaging for years now. They have a flat black background for all of their gaming products and on the front, they put the Pro X name on the flat black with a gloss black so it is visible but not in your face. A picture of the mouse itself takes up most of the front which in this case is white which stands out a lot. Then up top in blue they have the Pro Superlight branding and the Logitech Gaming logo down at the bottom. Rather than pack the back of the box with fluff or pictures, they have “Keep Playing” in the middle in white and blue then less visible they have a few of the key features in a gloss black. I dig that this no BS way of doing things, they don’t have descriptions or marketing talk. They just say hey it has Lightspeed, is less than 63 grams, has the Hero 25K sensor, has no filtering smoothing or acceleration, and they use PTFE. The downside to this is that frankly someone who isn’t an enthusiast isn’t even going to know why any of those things are important. But that just shows who this mouse is targeted at. They did slip more information on the side as well which has a FULL specification listing and icons that reiterate some of the things on the back as well as show support for powerplay wireless charging.

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When you take the cover off of the box Logitech has the Pro Superlight right at the top in a small formed plastic tray. They use this on all of their mice, so this isn’t anything new but I like the presentation. Up under that you can pull the tray out and find a few of the accessories included. Being a wireless mouse it does come with a charging cable which is the standard Logitech cable. It is sleeved and has their Micro-USB “winged” plug on the other end. The winged plug helps protect the connection with the two extra prongs and Logitech has been using that same cable on all of their gaming mice so it is the same cable your old mouse most likely used and what the powerplay mousepad uses as well for easy swapping. For documentation, they have a bag with a setup guide and a paper with warranty/safety information. They also include a large Logitech G logo sticker as well.

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For accessories, along with the cord I already mentioned you get what looks like a sticker sheet. These are precut grip tape. Grip tape is another trend in the mouse enthusiast communities. They have been cutting up grip tape and as the name implies it is used to get a better grip on the mouse. It might seem like a small addition but to order a set like this precut for the mouse you may spend around $10. Having them include it is a “nice touch”. There is a cloth to clean the mouse up. Then the puck at the end replaces the included aperture door on the bottom of the mouse with one that has a PTFE foot on it. I think they didn’t just default to this configuration because it does add weight to the mouse. Having the option is great, sadly for me I use a powerplay charger which means I can’t even use it. Maybe the next powerplay will come with PTFE on its adapter.

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