Cooler Master stuck with the same dark grey and purple that most of their products are boxed up in. This includes the Make It Yours branding up along the top. The front of the box has a large photo of the MM830 taking up most of the front. But they did slip in a few icons on the top right that show some of features including the D-Pad and OLED screen. The sensor, RGB, and D-pad are repeated again on the bottom left under the model name as well. The back of the box doesn’t have as much going on. There is a photo of the side profile of the mouse along with a transparent hand over it that highlights the screen and D-Pad locations. Below that they have a short list of features listed in 9 different languages that takes up most of the rest of the back of the box.

image 5

image 6

Inside the mouse comes tucked in between two plastic trays. With the design of the tray, you would have thought that the box also had a window or a door to let you get your hands on the mouse but it didn’t. Also with the mouse, you get a small manual.

image 7

image 8


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