Well, the Bloody branding lives up to its name. The box for the B975 has a red bloody handprint right in the middle of the front with the bloody name in it. Beyond that, there is a picture of part of the keyboard over on the right, and over on the left, they highlight the Light Strike optical switch as well as our specific sample as having a brown like feel. Around on the back, we actually get a proper full photo of the B75 including both of its wrist rests. Most of the left side of the back is dedicated to the optical switches, talking about both their orange and brown variations and what sets them apart. The bottom left is all about RGB lighting, then over on the right bloody has listed off some of the other key features. Each has a description below it.

image 1

image 2

Once you get inside, right up on top you have a bunch of accessories. There is a full wrist rest wrapped in foam as well as a red one with plastic on it. Then there is a bag of keycaps.

image 3

For documentation, you get a quick guide that is a few pages thick. It basically covers how to get the keyboard up and the features. Then with it is a warranty card with a thank you and a link to the website to sign up and deal with warranty issues.

image 4

Most keyboards don’t come with much for accessories but the B975 comes with a whole bunch. I will touch on it more in the next section but you get two different wrist rests setups. The red one can replace part of the black one for a little extra bloody styling if you need it. Then there are 16 different keycaps. Basically, you get a full set of gaming keycaps in red with a unique(ish) shape and a set of transparent caps. The red ones are double shot with red on the outside and transparent under for the legends. You get QWER and WASD and F to cover both shooters and MOBAs. I called the red shape unique(ish) because if you look closely they actually have the same shape that the original Logitech G910 Orion Spark caps had. Personally, I didn’t like them at the time for typing, but they might be good for gaming.

image 5

image 6

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