So for performance testing, I have actually been switching between the three mice for the past month and a half when no testing other mice. I did this to try to get a good mix of gaming and regular browsing and considering how busy I’ve been the gaming hasn’t been as often as I would like. In my testing of each mouse, my biggest concern was with the overall comfort, no matter how good a mouse performs if my hang cramps when using it it's not going to get much use. So starting with the MM520 this was a big f a blast from the past. I used to enjoy the Spawn mouse back when it first came out but I have refined my ideal mouse to be closer to ambidextrous and this is as far as you can get from that. But still, after getting used to the design again I did really like using it for gaming. The short size doesn’t help with the long term comfort for me though, if I had my way I would use something else when just browsing the internet then switch to the MM520 when gaming. The three finger shape reminds me of the old three trigger mice back in the windows 3.1 days and when holding in a claw shape it fits my hand perfectly.

I really like that there is just a tiny rubber grip on the far side that isn’t important at all. The cupped in left side was more comfortable and should hold up longer in the long term as well. The scroll wheel felt good and had decent traction even with oily hands. I also banged the mouse around trying to see if it would make any noise but the construction seems solid. I would normally post up performance tests from the sensor but honestly, the 3360 is just so standard, we can only see so many spiral tests. As for the triggers, the split design isn’t too bad and the Omron 20 million click switches feel good when clicking. They don’t feel as defined at the Rival and Sensei 310’s did with their 50 million click switches, but still not bad.

Now the MM530 was an adjustment moving from the MM520. Like I mentioned before it was a lot like a Deathadder or a Rival in shape and you can tell that right away. This is a familiar shape so I didn’t really have any issues with it after getting the MM530 shape out of my mind. I wasn’t a big fan of the button locations on the side, I could really only reach one most of the time. Overall this mouse was more comfortable for me than the MM520 when not gaming but it was still decent in game. It seems to be a happy medium unless you really love that short claw grip shape. This one can be used with a palm or a claw grip. Of course, the rubber grips on both sides ruined this one for me. Some people like grips and these would most likely do the job for them. But for me, they get greasy almost immediately and once it starts sliding around you lose control. Once again the 3360 was great, tracking was good just as expected. This one also has 20 million click Omron switches and split triggers, while the shape is different the click was still a lot like the MM920. Most people should be happy with it.

Last but not least we have the MasterMouse Pro L. This is the mouse I was the most excited about, simply because it is close to the shape that I like. What I found almost immediately were two problems. The finish on the mouse was slippery. There aren’t any rubber grips and I’m happy for that, but with this fingerprint resistant finish or whatever it is the mouse would slide. This was amplified because the shape was ever so slightly off. The peak of the mouse should be behind where your fingers join your hands and the Pro L peaked right in front of them. So when I put the weight of my hand on the mouse it would push forward, slipping right out of my hand. I had to force myself to hold it differently to keep this from happening. I tried the swappable pieces but that didn’t help. The ironic part is I love the rest of the mouse other than this issue and really this will depend entirely on your hand size as well. Like the others the Pro L has a 3360 sensor and the Omron 20 million click switches so the performance in both areas was solid, you can always rely on both.

One area that I noticed with all three mice though was their overall weight. I get why the MasterMouse Pro L is going to weigh more, all of those swappable panels mean magnets and a second layer of plastic. But look at this breakdown. I weighed all three with and without the cord. The MM520 came in at 138 with the cord and 102 without. The MM530 is 140 with the cord and 104 without, then the Pro L was 158 grams with the cord and 114 without. These didn’t really fit the with the w/cord number from Cooler Master, as a whole all three are heavier than they should be but not yet in the range of bricks like the Rival 700. But with things trending towards lighter mice it would be good to see them work towards that.

The last bit of my testing was then focused on playing around with the lighting a little. Personally, I don’t care if my mouse has any lighting at all, but if it does I expect it to be able to match all of my other components so the RGB here was nice to see. The lighting up under the palm on the Pro L and the MM520 wasn’t too in your face, nor was the glowing scroll wheel but I really don’t care for the new logo lighting. I would prefer no backlighting on the logo, but if doing it at least lighting up the entire logo, not just a ring around the logo. The Pro L does also have a small LED readout that shows the current DPI setting as well.

lighting 1

lighting 2

lighting 3

lighting 4


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