I didn’t really see the point in looking at each of the packages on their own given how close they are so I lined them up. The new MM520 and MM530 obviously look a lot closer because they are being released together. Cooler Master has moved to a slightly darker gray for the background now. I actually prefer the old look though, especially with the photo of the mouse on the front being larger. The front has a top down photo, the model name down towards the bottom and then up top, they have the Cooler Master Make it Yours branding. They also include a 16.7 million color image to show that they each have RGB lighting. On the back is another view and below that, a few key features are highlighted in several different languages. The MasterMouse Pro L also shows off is customizability in its rear photo as well.

image 1

image 2

Each box has a front door that opens up and lets you get your hand inside to feel the shape of the mouse. This is extremely important, it lets people get a better idea of what works for them before buying or opening it all up. Inside each of the boxes is a formed plastic tray that the mouse sits on with another formed plastic cover over top of everything. Each has a small book. Ironically the new mice with the darker box use the lighter gray on the manual and the older mouse uses the darker gray on the manual. The Pro L also came with a few other accessories for its customization, but I will get into those here in a minute.

image 3

image 4


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