The packaging for the Masterkeys S PBT follows the same theme as all of Cooler Masters “Master” products. The box has a dark gray background with the Cooler Master logo up in the corner with “Make It Yours.” next to it. There is a full photo of the keyboard with the model name up over top of it then down on the bottom edge they have the genuine Cherry MX switches logo and one showing this is the PBT keycap model. There are also stickers that show the layout and the keyswitch used. Ours has a USB layout and it used Cherry Green switches. The back of the box has a little information on the features repeated over and over in different languages and a photo of the keyboard blown apart to show each layer.

image 14

image 1

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Inside the box, the keyboard comes wrapped up in a foam bag. This was a little different than the Masterkeys Pro RGB models that I own a few of, those come in a microfiber bag, I don’t know what prompted the change. Also inside the box, you get a sleeved USB cable as the keyboard does have a detachable USB connection. You also get a small manual for documentation. I found it a little strange that they included the red replacement keycaps for the WASD and QWER keys and I think those caps might not be PBT or as thick as the stock keycaps, they used to include these WAY back in the day with their Quickfire keyboard. The plastic keycap puller was also a downgrade from the metal wire version that came with the Masterkeys Pro RGB’s.

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