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So my first introduction to Rosewill keyboards was with the original RK-9000’s that ended up being really popular and I can say that the RK-9300 does continue where those left off in a lot of areas. I really dig that Rosewill has decided to stick with genuine Cherry switches were a lot of companies have gone with knockoffs that they can sell for less or make more money on. It really puts shows you what they value, they aren’t skimping to try to make more money, they are just trying to make a solid keyboard with the RK-9300 and they did that. I would, however, love to see a Cherry Red option be added to round things off.

The RK-9300 has a standard layout to make switching to it easy and to make swapping keycaps later an option as well. The ironic thing is I don’t see the current keycaps wearing out anytime soon. They went with a quality doubleshot design that should hold up extremely well, even once you wear the keys glossy smooth the legends will still be there.

They didn’t waste money on sleeving on the cord or even a detachable cord even though I would prefer that. The floating key design is also very easy to keep clean and the weird glossy textured finish on the keyboard might look weird but it does a great job of avoiding oils and fingerprints. The backlighting was also so bright that when set to the highest setting my entire office glowed blue at night. Thankfully there was a brightness adjustment.

Really my only complaint was with the blue backlighting itself. With so many boards having RGB, having a solid blue backlighting these days seems like a weird choice. I don’t mind a solid color though, but I would prefer it be white. White would work in any situation and even be presentable enough to be used in a work environment where blue looks a little “gamer”.

My other concern was with the pricing, going with quality keycaps and Cherry switches add to the cost and it does show on the bottom line. As of publishing this, the keyboard was on sale on Newegg for 79.99 but the normal MSRP is 99.99. At $79.99 it has to compete with some RGB options, but it is in line with the Logitech G610 that I think might be the best direct competitor. The G610 has white backlighting, but the RK-9300 has doubleshot keycaps so I consider them about even. All in all, this doesn’t end up being the hidden quality value that the original RK-9000’s were, but the quality is there. I would keep an eye on these in the future, sales or price drops could make this a great keyboard to pickup.


Live Pricing: HERE

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