Overall and Final Verdict

I wasn’t sure what to expect when going into this review. I’ve been really liking Logitech’s direction for mice recently, but the G900 didn’t really have the clean styling like the Logitech Pro Gaming mouse, so I was a little worried that there might be sacrifices for the flashy styling of the G900. As it turns out, not really. The shape ended up being very comfortable for me no matter what grip I used. The ambidextrous design also adds to that flexibility, making this a good option for both left and right-handed people. They even give everyone the option to use or not use the buttons on both sides of the mouse. You can run wireless or wired with the included cable. The wireless dongle is even small and out of the way.

As for performance, the wireless really didn’t have any lag and beyond not having a wire to deal with it was exactly the same as running the G900 wired. Battery life was also impressive with the 25 hours of battery life. Then, of course, there is the 3366 sensor that I always enjoy.

So I had to really dig deep to come up with any downsides to the G900. The only issue I had in testing was just with how loud the trigger switches were. But even those felt great, so it's only a con for some people. My only other feedback is that I would love to have the option with a high-end wireless mouse like the G900 to be able to dock it when not in use. This combined with the long battery life would eliminate any issues for my personal use. I just always forget to charge my wireless devices and being able to dock it at night would fix that.

So as you can tell I really didn’t have any problems with the G900 Chaos Spectrum. If you are on the market for a wireless mouse it would be my current suggestion. There is still a little room for improvement, but not THAT much. So if you are looking to ditch the cord but still have the gaming performance, the G900 seems to be the best option.


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