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Love it or hate it, the G900 Chaos Spectrum has a very aggressive styling that continues what Logitech has been doing with a few of their flagship mice. The look started with the G502 and to a lesser extent the G602. It's interesting though because they seem to also have a very clean product lineup with a few of the lower numbered models and the Logitech Pro Gaming Mouse as well. So if you liked the G502, and a LOT of people did, you should look the look and shape of the G900. Logitech didn’t go crazy with lighting though and I think most people will be thankful for that, the Logitech G under your palm lights up and there is a lit area behind the DPI buttons as well.

image 22

image 14

The side profile is closest to the G502, it is medium height but long. The left side has two side buttons placed at the halfway point with the front button being a little longer. The side finish has angled lines for a little extra grip without going with an overly aggressive pattern. I also want to point out that from this side profile the scroll wheel seems to just float in the air. I will talk a little more about it later, but this is the best view of it so I wanted to make sure people do see it. 

image 15

Being an ambidextrous mouse, the right side looks exactly the same as the left with one exception. When you receive the mouse, there aren’t any buttons over here. There is a plate filling in that space, the G900 comes with a kit to swap in side buttons on this side if you are left-handed.

image 17

The back view doesn’t give us to much information. Again being an ambidextrous mouse there isn’t a left or right lean to the mouse to make sure it fits everyone well.

image 16

The front is also mostly mirrored from left to right side. From the front though we do get a good look at the front USB connection. The G900 is wireless but to charge it you use a micro-USB connection. You can also just run wired if for some reason you don’t want wireless. Wireless tech is better these days, but having a backup plan on the off chance there is an interference issue is always nice.

image 18

The front triggers are really interesting. The big gap behind them is where they pivot from and both triggers have Omron switches. They are very long, extending half the length of the mouse so people with longer or shorter fingers should have a good fit. There are two DPI buttons all the way at the back and in front of them is a mechanical on and off button for the scroll wheel free spin mode. The scroll wheel itself has a rubber ring around the outside but it sits on a metal wheel with an interesting almost floating design. Basically, there are only three connecting points so most of the time the side view of the wheel has a floating look. It’s interesting that Logitech went back to a rubber ring here from the metal wheel on the G502 though.

image 19

image 20

The bottom of the G900 has a surprising amount of glider surface area and that is a great thing. There are two main large pads on both ends and then two middle sized on the sides. There are then two smaller gliders around the sensor to help keep it the same distance from the mouse pad all of the time. The bottom sticker has the standard certifications, the logos, and serial numbers. There is an on and off switch to turn the mouse on and off and below it is a sync button. The G900’s sensor is an optical Pixart PMW3366 with a 200-12,000 DPI range, not that anyone needs that high of a DPI. The 3366 is a great sensor and is considered flawless.

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The USB cable for the G900 is sleeved in black and is 6 feet long. One end has a standard USB 2.0 Type A connection and the mouse end has a micro-USB connection. The mouse end is a little different with an additional plastic housing around it that helps protect the connection when it is hooked up to the mouse. It lets you charge the G900 or if you want to run it as a wired mouse as well. For storage, it does also come with a Velcro strip attached as well.

image 8

image 9

When I dug into the G900, I actually wasn’t expecting a box like this. Normally mice only come with something like this when they come with weights and the G900 doesn’t come with weights. When I got inside though I understood. This is where they packed away the two pieces needed to convert the mouse to left handed mode. They also put the wireless adapter in here, inside of a second adapter.

image 10

image 11

I didn’t catch this right away. I actually thought the large adapter was just a fancy way to hold the tiny wireless dongle to keep from losing it. Getting a close look I did catch that it does have a function, though. You can use this in combination with the USB cable to move the wireless dongle up closer to your mouse. Then when you go to charge the mouse you are unplugging the wireless and hooking up wired. Check out the standard and micro connections on the ends. The wireless dongle itself is awesome as well, it is small enough to hook up and forget about or us on a laptop without unhooking when you pack it up. Most importantly, unlike the dongle for the G533, it isn’t long enough to get damaged if it gets bumped.

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