For the exterior of the packaging on the G900 Logitech stuck with their normal black background with the blue for their logo and the product name. Th front also has a photo of the G900 on it as well. I complain about not seeing the actual product on the packaging a lot so it is nice to see it here. On the back, it is nearly as simple. Here they just have three main things in the blue font with explanations under them. They talk about the 1ms wired or wireless report rate, the 3366 optical sensor, and the G900’s ambidextrous design. It's rare to even see a mouse have its sensor listed in the specifications, let alone have it on the packaging so big props to Logitech there.

image 1

image 2

The outside of the box slides off and then the box itself opens up. Inside the G900 Chaos Spectrum is featured with formed panels on both halves to hold it perfectly.

image 3

image 4

When you take the G900 out and lift up the bottom panel you will find another formed tray, this time with the charging/wired mode cable and hen a small plastic box with the G logo on top. There is also a tiny safety paper and a quick start guide for documentation.

image 6

image 5

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