So the K95 RGB Platinum, beyond having a long name, it also has a large box. The box has yellow trim on the ends to match Corsairs peripheral branding and the front of the box has a large photo of the keyboard. It has the backlighting on as well as the keyboards large wrist rest to show off a few of its main features. The rest of the front of the box is simple, though. There is the Corsair branding as well as the model name down in the bottom right. Then over in the bottom left corner they have the genuine Cherry MX switches logo as well as a small sticker that shows what switch type the keyboard has, in our case it has the grey Cherry MX Speed switches, it just so happens this is the first time I’ve had the chance to check them out. On the back of the box, Corsair has a lot more going on. There is another keyboard photo, but this time they have lines pointing to each of the K95’s key features with descriptions as well. They also slipped in a photo of their Cue 2 software because with RGB keyboards the software is really important.

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Inside there is another box all black this time with the Corsair sails indented into the top. Inside the keyboard is wrapped up in plastic and sits on top with all of the cord tucked into the cardboard behind the keyboard. When you pull it out you will find a small yellow box with all of the documentation and a few accessories and the K95’s wrist rest has its own box that you will have to pull it out of. The wrist rest comes in a bag and on top of that the flippable rubber rest top is sealed in rubber as well. So plan on fighting to get everything out.

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For documentation, you get a small warranty paper as well as a full warranty guide. Then there is a user guide. Like the original Corsair keyboards, the K95 RGB Platinum also comes with a keycap remover and 10 extra keys. The keys have a textured rubber top on them that matches the macro keys on the keyboard. One set is the standard WASD for FPS games and the other is QWER and DF for MOBAs. They are different because the angles on the rubber tops are different depending on the set you are using, so you can’t really use both sets together.

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