Even 10 years later, the packaging for the Deathadder Elite really isn’t very different from the boxes back in the day. The front of the box is black with green trim. The razer logo is up in the top right corner and there is a photo of the mouse along with the product name down in the bottom left corner. On the back things are very simple with drawings and short descriptions of three of the Deathadder Elites key features. The box has a ribbon loop up top for hanging it. I do wish the packaging had a front that would open and let you feel the shape of the mouse, though, that is always nice when checking them out in store.

image 19

image 20

Inside the box, the mouse sits in a green tray that slides out and it has a plastic cover around the mouse. This is interesting because this would normally mean the box has a front door to get your hands on the mouse but they didn’t go that direction. Beyond the mouse, there is just a small bundle of papers inside for documentation. You get a manual and then a printed letter from the Razer CEO.

image 21

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